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Posted on on Linux
Latest software are not always readily available in Linux software repositories. Most Linux distribution projects have strict packaging rules to test and ensure software quality and security. So, what do we do to run software on its release day?
Posted on on COVID-19, Mauritius
Mauritius sets new record of new COVID-19 cases. The country re-opened its borders on 15 July 2021. On the same day the number of new local cases of COVID-19 rose to an unprecedented peak and the country recorded one unfortunate COVID-19 related death.
Posted on on COVID-19, Mauritius
The Ministry of Health has started administering the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine as part of its campaign against COVID-19 in Mauritius.
Posted on on Linux
The keyboard key combination of Ctrl + Shift + U allows special characters to be inserted in a text editor in GNOME. For example, Ctrl + Shift + U followed by 00e9 will produce é.
Posted on on Linux, KDE
A short blog post to explain how to enable "double-click" in Dolphin in KDE Plasma.
Posted on on Internet Community
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has given Twitter a final notice to comply with its new IT rules, which were passed in February. Among the rules, it is required that social media companies appoint a Chief Compliance Officer.
Posted on on Internet Community, Censorship, Africa
The Federal Government of Nigeria has suspended all Twitter operations in the country. It is unclear, however, what does the suspension mean for Twitter, since the social network service is still accessible across Nigeria.
Posted on on MSCC, Meetup
An online tool to create a short link that contains a list of links.
Posted on on Mauritius, Legislation
In its latest press communique, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, displayed a cheap tactic of manipulating public opinion, by publishing only a selection of paragraphs from Facebook's submission to show them in the good light.
Posted on on Mauritius, Cybersecurity
A proof-of-concept proxy using Fiddler Everywhere shows that user account passwords from websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail Hotmail and private photos from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram can be decrypted.
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