41st Annual Conference of the TeX Users Group

Ish Sookun

TUG 2020, the 41st Annual Conference of the TeX Users Group kicks off online today.

Last night, at 20h00 MUT, prior to the conference, TUG carried out an introductory LaTeX workshop. Participants could attend and chat through Zoom or stream on YouTube. Check the conference programme and join to learn more about what is happening in the TeX world.

Introductory LaTeX Workshop

Sue DeMeritt and Cheryl Ponchin covered quite an extensive list of features that will get someone ready to create his/her first LaTeX documents. Cheryl used Texmaker as LaTeX editor which is also what I prefer.

I learned something that might appear trivial but I did not know about it before and it could be useful in many cases; it's about the use of \label to reference \section later on in the same document. Say you have a document with two sections in which you speak about "randomness" and you want to refer to those sections in your conclusion. You could do this:


I am talking about random stuff.

\section{More Randomness}\label{sec:morerandomness}

I go on talking about more random stuff.


Finally, I will stop talking about random stuff but I
would like you to know that I spoke about random things 
in Sections~\ref{sec:randomness} and~\{sec:morerandomness}.

At build time the ~\ref{sec:randomness} will be replaced by the corresponding section number. Afterwards, if you add other sections about the "Randomness" section, then the section numbers in your conclusion will be updated accordingly when re-building the document.