About me


My name is Ish Sookun. I am a passionate blogger and an open source software advocate who lives on the beautiful island of Mauritius. I work as a Systems Architect for La Sentinelle Ltd.

I am a member of the openSUSE Project and spoiler alert, this blog will contain a lot of openSUSE mentions. I am also in the project's Election Committee. So, you might often see me talking about openSUSE elections.

I hang out during the three days of the Developers Conference organized annually by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community. I used to be active within the Linux User Group of Mauritius but these days I am not.

The blog entries on SysAdmin Journal represent my opinion and not that of my employer, neither any group to which I am a member of, unless I specify otherwise.

I publish guest posts written by Chittesh Sham and Nirvan Pagooah.

Fonts used on this blog are Lato (licensed under the Open Font License) and Ubuntu Mono (licensed under the Ubuntu Font License).

Some of the images I use are available from the Internet. I do not own them. I provide due credit to the owner if I’m aware of the source. You are free to contact me to provide proper credit or ask for removal of an image.

You can reach me through ishwon@opensuse.org.