AFRINIC AFRINIC CEO announced a temporary emergency moderation of the community discussion list

AFRINIC hosts several mailing lists, among which the Community Discuss & the Resource Policy Discussions are two public mailing lists that are mostly active.

Ish Sookun

1 min read

Last Friday, the AFRINIC CEO, Eddy Kayihura, announced a «temporary emergency moderation» of the Community Discussion list. The moderation of the mailing list began on Friday 24 June at 18h10 UTC and remains effective until Monday 27 June at 18h00 UTC. After that a new «protocol» will be communicated.

Eddy Kayihura stated that they have found emails that are not in line with the purpose of the mailing list nor with the principles of the AFRINIC Code of Conduct have. Therefore, they are imposing this temporary emergency moderation.

The past few days, the Community Discuss list has seen heated arguments among a few people – with allegations and personal attacks being made.