Mauritius CERT-MU issues Security Alert against Netflix's Squid Game

The Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU) which operates under the patronage of the National Computer Board issued a security alert against the Netflix series Squid Game on 14 October 2021.

Ish Sookun

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Netflix series, Squid Game, playing on Firefox / openSUSE
Netflix series, Squid Game, playing on Firefox / openSUSE

Squid Game was released on 17 September 2021. It was immediately available on the Netflix platform globally. Anyone with a Netflix subscription could watch or binge the 9-episodes series on a computer, a mobile or a smart television.

Squid Game is a Korean drama based on survival in a deadly game played by characters who are deeply in debt. Its writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk, said that the story reflects his own economic struggles and the class disparity in South Korea.

Within its first week since launch, Squid Game became one of Netflix's most watched series crossing the bar of 100 million viewers. Its popularity even led to a surge in the network traffic in South Korea, prompting SK Boardband to file a lawsuit against Netflix and claim monetary damages for the increased network traffic and maintenance work caused by the surge.

Security Alert

The CERT-MU Security Alert explains that although the series is rated 15+ it has scenes depicting excessive violence, nudity, self-harm, suicide, sexual violence, horror and torture. The amount of killing is horrific and the methods are awful. It further adds that the scenes are dangerous and can have a negative impact on children and young people.

CERT-MU warns parents to be vigilant as children and young teens may be tempted to repeat the scenes from the series. It strongly recommends to apply parental controls and to closely supervise children when they are online.

I didn't watch Squid Games and probably I won't any time soon.