MSCC Developers Conference 2021 postponed 🙄

The Developers Conference by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community is the largest gathering of software developers, sysadmins, engineers, geeks, tech enthusiasts and other like-minded individuals on the island.


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We are living in uncertain times. A lot that we had planned are being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Although, Mauritius does not currently count any local case of COVID-19, the authorities have imposed strict rules to continue to keep the island as COVID-safe. One such restriction is the mandatory quarantine of incoming passengers and no-flights from certain countries.

Hence, sponsors and speakers from outside Mauritius won't be able to come and physically participate in the Developers Conference which was announced for the 18, 19 & 20 March 2021.

Today, in a rather sad announcement, the organizing team posted a newsletter on the MSCC meetup page, in which the conference postponement was explained. Due to the extension of the compulsory quarantine and further restrictions on aircrafts entering the Mauritian territory, the team had no other choice to postpone the event.

No date has been decided yet but we certainly hope that the conference happens this year.

Last year, the team resorted to a virtual conference after DevCon 2020 could not be held physically. It was a cool first-time experience but we all lacked the physical experience, lounge chit-chat & socializing, and of course the evening drinks. 🍺