Sanskrit Do you have a hobby?

In our fast-paced digital world, finding solace and tranquility can sometimes be a challenge. As individuals engaged in the IT industry, we often immerse ourselves in countless hours of work, conferences, and community engagements. How do we find time to disconnect from the noise?


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Last May, I attended the openSUSE conference in Germany. The event brought together like-minded individuals from the IT community, including my friends Eddy, Neil, and Avish. During our stay at the same hotel, we established a routine of finding a nice place to dine, unwind, and engage in meaningful conversations. It was during one of these discussions that the topic of hobbies arose, prompting Neil to inquire about interests apart from information technology.

He asked me if I still keep an interest in reading Sanskrit texts.

Surprisingly, I had almost forgotten about my fascination with the ancient language. Neil's suggestion struck a chord within me and I decided to delve back into the world of Sanskrit.

Walking the streets of the Old City, Nuremberg. I am in the middle with the green tote bag, Eddy on the right and Avish on the left. This picture has nothing to do with Sanskrit, I am just putting it here for some dramatic effect. Photo taken by Neil.

As I began to read Sanskrit texts again, I soon discovered the remarkable power they held in soothing my mind and rejuvenating my spirit. Sanskrit, often referred to as the "language of the gods," is not just a means of communication; it encapsulates centuries of wisdom, literature, and profound insights into life and spirituality.

Incorporating a non-IT related hobby into my life has brought about a remarkable balance. In a world driven by technology, it is essential to find solace and tranquility beyond the IT realm. So, let us take a moment to reflect upon our lives and explore hobbies that nourish our souls, helping us strike a harmonious balance between the digital and the spiritual realms.