MIXP Final candidate slate for the MIXP Management Committee 2022 – 2023

The Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP) is the first Internet exchange point in Mauritius. It is open to any network operator that believes that they can make their network more efficient through peering. The MIXP Management Committee is composed of 7 members elected by the peering members.

Ish Sookun

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The final candidate slate for the Management Committee 2022 – 2023 was announced today by the MIXP Secretariat, Keessun Fokeerah, on the MIXP Announce mailing list.

The candidates are:

  • Dr. Amreesh Phokeer
  • Mr. Bhaveshdeo Sreekeessoon
  • Mr. Eddy Lareine
  • Mr. Eric Loos
  • Mr. Ganesh Ramalingum
  • Mr. Jason Leong Son
  • Mr. Nishal Goburdhan
  • Mr. Ranveer Kumar Seetaloo
  • Mr. Ravi Pudaruth
  • Mr. Sharma Baljinder
  • Mr. Tejas Pagooah
  • Mr. Zaheer Ramjaun

The biodata of each candidate is available at www.mixp.org/#elections2022.

Voting in this election will be done electronically using Helios. Only MIXP peers can vote in this election. Instructions on how to vote will be sent by email to peering members. Electronic voting will start on Monday 13th June 2022 at 14h00 MUT and shall close on Monday 27th June 2022 at 14h00 MUT.

Each MIXP peer can vote for up to 7 persons.

Some of the above mentioned candidates introduced themselves during the MIXP session at the Africa Internet Summit 2022 at Le Méridien Hotel, last week.

The MIXP enables its peers to have settlement-free peering and keep intra-island traffic purely local. Therefore, peers do not have to pay any setup fee or other bandwidth related fees. By design, the MIXP treats all its peers equally and there is no traffic prioritisation or any filtering rules for specific participants.

I would highly recommend that network operators in Mauritius peer at the MIXP, not just to improve their network efficiency but help in making the overall Internet experience better on the island.