Blackboard, Ghost theme

Blackboard is a Ghost theme which I created for this blog.

I like minimalist designs and I've hopped from different themes trying to find the perfect settings in the past; after I moved my blog to Ghost. In the end I decided to follow the Ghost theme development documentation and learned a few things about Tailwind CSS.

I am doing further development of the theme in the open and hence the code is available on GitHub. Feel free to peek inside, comment and/or improve it.

Known Issues

  • Header and footer menus are currently static. They are defined in the default.hbs file.
  • Need to work on mobile responsiveness.

Features Wishlist

  • Move the header and footer code into partial files.
  • Define social media links in the package.json configuration.
  • Publish authors' social media information in their bio.
  • Provide different display sizes for images.
  • Center images by default with centered caption text.
  • Provide option to select type of license to display in the footer.
  • Work on a better favicon. 😊