Mauritius Happy New Year 2021

Since many years now, it has become customary for my family to spend the first day of January visiting the village temple and then head to Ganga Talao.


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It is with a lot of hope that we've welcomed this new year.

Deep down we know that a numerical increment in the year won't magically change all the bad that has been happening since the pandemic. Yet, I am sure many would be willing to spare a second and say if a magic can make everything right, then be it.

Year after year I have seen how more people have chosen to spend a few hours at the sacred lake and temples of Ganga Talao. It was peaceful to walk at the lake today, despite the rush due to the growing traffic, and the heavy rain with wind gusts that battered against the umbrella.

We came back home as the day reached an end, tired but happy, with less gloominess from 2020 I must say.

Wish you all a joyful new year, good health and luck in all your endeavours!