Mauritius Internet Society and Mauritius IGF react to ICTA's consultation paper

Mauritius IGF and Internet Society respond to ICTA's consultation paper.

Ish Sookun

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At last, the Internet Society and Mauritius IGF published their response1 to the ICTA consultation paper2 on regulating social media. I was hoping that Mauritian NGOs would react faster and in a more collaborative way but nevertheless this response is welcomed.

It was easier for me to get in touch with Access Now, Article 19 and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and get a response from them.

Disclaimer: I admit I didn’t reach out to Mahen Busgopaul, whom I have met during past events. However, I reached out3 to Dave Kissoondoyal, who signed an email to ICANN as the President of IGF Mauritius, but I didn’t receive any response.

Ramblings aside, let’s come to gratitude.

The Mauritius IGF and ISOC’s response is signed jointly by Mahendranath Busgopaul, as the Director of Mauritius IGF and Olaf Kolkman as the Principal - Internet Technology, Policy and Advocacy at the Internet Society.

I am grateful to both of them for the response they submitted to the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, which they also released publicly.

In their summary, they highlighted the importance of encryption for both personal and national security. They aligned themselves with the points already raised in the joint civil society statement4 by Access Now.

Cover photo, Mahen Busgopaul, Director of Mauritius IGF, photo credits to Harel Mallac5.