Laravel Laravel Jetstream, redirect users after login

Laravel Jetstream is an application starter kit beautifully designed using Tailwind CSS. It can be extended using two available front-end stacks, Laravel Livewire + Blade or Inertia + Vue. My preference is Laravel Livewire + Blade.

Ish Sookun

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While experimenting with Laravel Jetstream recently I was looking at how to redirect users to a specific page after they log in. The authentication part is handled by Laravel Fortify, which is a feature-rich authentication back-end for Laravel.

I checked the documentation pages about authentication for Laravel Jetstream and Fortify but could not find any mention about changing the redirection path; unless I wasn't looking at the right place.

After some fiddling I understood that the app/Providers/RouteServiceProvider.php file has this const defined as HOME and it holds the path value for redirection after login.

* The path to the "home" route for your application.
* This is used by Laravel authentication to redirect users after login.
* @var string
public const HOME = '/';