MIXP MIXP Management Committee election result announced

The Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP) is the first Internet exchange point in Mauritius, where any network operator can peer and improve its network efficiency.

Ish Sookun

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The Management Committee (ManCom) of the Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP) is composed of seven members elected by the peering members.

The final candidate slate for the ManCom 2022 — 2023 was published on Friday 10th June on the MIXP Announce mailing list by Keessun Fokeerah (MIXP Secretariat). Electronic voting through the Helios platform started on Monday 13th June and ended on Monday 27th June.

Twelve candidates from different organisations ran in this election.

The election result was announced today, via a Zoom conference call, where several peering members and interested folks from the Internet community joined in. Keessun computed the tally on Helios and the result was available within seconds.

Election Result

Name No. of votes
Nishal Goburdhan 14
Dr. Amreesh Phokeer 13
Ranveer Kumar Seetaloo 13
Jason Leong Son 10
Eric Loos 9
Ganesh Ramalingum 6
Sharma Baljinder 6
Eddy Lareine 5
Bhaveshdeo Sreekeessoon 4
Ravi Pudaruth 4
Tejas Pagooah 3
Zaheer Ramjaun 3

Therefore, the ManCom 2022 — 2023 will be composed of Nishal Goburdhan, Dr. Amreesh Phokeer, Ranveer K. Seetaloo, Jason Leong Son, Eric Loos, Ganesh Ramalingum and Sharma Baljinder.

I congratulate the newly elected members of the MIXP ManCom and thank all those who stepped up.