Nationwide confinement announced in Mauritius

Ish Sookun

The Prime MInister of Mauritius had a press conference scheduled at 14h30 today. 1.5 hours later it was canceled and journalists were told that the PM will address the nation directly later.

At around 21h30 Prime Minister P. K. Jugnauth addressed the population through the national TV, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. It appeared to be a recorded message.

P. K. Jugnauth announced that four new cases of COVID-19 have been registered today. This makes the total cases of COVID-19 rise to seven in Mauritius. This number is high enough to raise the alarms now.

He announced nationwide confinement starting 06h00 tomorrow to last for two weeks. He assured the population that there won't be shortage of staple food and medicine. He also assured people working in the private sector that their salary won't be affected.