openSUSE openSUSE Board Election 2022 campaign has begun

The electronic voting for the openSUSE Board Election is scheduled to begin on 1 December and ballots will close on 15 December. Six candidates are running for three seats on the Board.

Ish Sookun

1 min read

The candidates list for this year's openSUSE Board Election is as follows:

openSUSE members can also ask questions to the candidates on the project mailing list. Vojtěch Zeisek asked the candidates about their plans and what they want to achieve with the project.

Douglas had an interesting answer. He stated that he would like to see that the openSUSE Project adopts the blockchain technology. He cited the election as an example where a smart contract could facilitate the task of running elections and maintaining an updated members list based on whether members' tokens have been used in (x) number of years.

He also mentioned NFT as something that could be explored to create a sort of badge system like the Fedora project has and member contributions could be rewarded with NFTs.

On the question about what he wishes to do, he answered that he would focus on getting the project either becoming a Foundation or transition to a decentralised autonomous organisation. Discussions about creating an openSUSE Foundation started in 2019 but it hasn't progressed much since.

I will write more about the candidates Q&A with members as they happen. If you would like to ask a question or follow the discussions, then feel free to subscribe to the project's mailing list.