openSUSE openSUSE Board Election 2022 — Results

openSUSE Board Elections are carried out every year and members are called to cast their vote electronically for their preferred candidate. The Election Platform is run by the Election Committee. Ariez Vachha, Edwin Zakaria and I were the Election Officials.

Ish Sookun

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The openSUSE Board Election 2022 ran for 15 days — starting on 1 December until 15 December. Electronic voting in the election ended at 23h59 UTC on 15 December.

In the early hours of Friday 16 December the results were computed and emailed to all voters. The results were also publicly announced on the project's mailing list.

There were 544 eligible voters in the election and 218 voters have cast their votes.


Candidate Name No. of Votes
Gertjan Lettink 135
Douglas Demaio 130
Neal Gompa 115
Patrick Fitzgerald 97
Chuck Payne 50
Nathan Wolf 47
None of the above 4

Thus, the elected Board members are:

  1. Gertjan Lettink
  2. Douglas Demaio
  3. Neal Gompa

I wish the (re)-elected candidates good luck ahead and thank all the other candidates who stepped up for this election.