Post-DevCon Code & Coffee meetup

Ish Sookun

The last Code & Coffee meetup I wrote about dates more than a year probably now. I admit I've become a lazy blogger.

Yesterday, I attended the MSCC Code & Coffee meetup at Mugg & Bean. It reminded me of the good old days of being a frequent meetup attendee and all those geek talks that happened around those Mugg & Bean tables with long hours drinking coffee.

JoKi and Mary Jane were already there along with little Liam when I arrived. He's the youngest geek I've seen attending meetups so far. Shortly, we were joined by Marine and Abdur-Rahmaan. We debriefed about the Developers Conference which happened the weekend before. We talked about the good, the bad and the room that always requires improvement; but in short it was a successful conference. Not to mention that discussion for the Developers Conference 2020 has already begun.

I met Abdur-Rahmaan for the first time during the Developers Conference, when he introduced himself as one of the members of the Python Mauritius Users Group (PYMUG). Then yesterday we continued talking about the efforts to keep a community/user group alive. There was a Python Users Group around 2013/14 but it didn't remain active for long. The new members surely have ideas to to things differently and Abdur-Rahmaan seems a committed fellow.

I left around half past noon with a good feeling of re-visiting old times.