Safe City Project - Is this a broken camera?

Safe City Project - Is this a broken camera?

Ish Sookun

I noticed that the Safe City camera installed next to the Lady Lydie Ringadoo Government School in Providence points towards the sky rather than pointing to either side of the road.

Lady Lydie Ringadoo Government School, Providence.

The school is on the main road to the left side when going towards Flacq. The Safe City camera is installed next to the school near the pedestrian crossing. If I am not mistaken it used to point towards the road to the west side, i.e towards traffic coming from Rose-Hill/Port-Louis.

Safe City camera, Providence.

The camera has been pointing upwards for several weeks now. I don't recall since when. At first I thought it would be seen and reported, then perhaps be fixed within a few days since that spot has a police officer twice a day helping children and parents cross the road for the school. Besides the camera is found on the main road which cannot be missed by a passing Police Patrol vehicle.

Alas, even after several weeks it seems no one reported this anomaly.

Therefore, I took a few pictures of this upwards facing camera and reported it using the CSU Portal today (9 Sep 2019). Let's see how long it takes for someone to revert back or the camera getting fixed.


An officer of the Citizens Advice Bureau replied the ticket the next day, i.e on Tuesday 10 Sep 2019, informing me that my ticket has been transferred to the Police department for necessary action at their end.

Five days later, i.e on Sunday 15 Sep 2019, the camera was fixed.