Stasiek Michalski answers Richard Brown's questions as the openSUSE election campaign progresses

Ish Sookun

The openSUSE election campaign is in progress.

Community members are welcome to ask the candidates questions about their views on the project and to comment on some of the pertinent matters within the community. Richard Brown, former Chairman of openSUSE, put a few questions to Stasiek Michalski about his views on conflict resolution, the board structure and the project's key sponsor SUSE.

Stasiek expressed his views as he answered Richard on the project mailing list. Coming to the question about conflict resolution he stated:

I wish we could just exist without conflict, but I recognize being a pacifist in today's world is pretty much impossible ;)

Stasiek says that he is all ears to members on various channels where he hangs out, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Twitter among other channels listed on this website.

I encourage members to engage with both our candidates for this election, Stasiek Michalski and Pierre Böckmann.