AFRINIC Supreme Court of Mauritius prohibits AFRINIC CEO, Eddy Kayihura, from acting as AFRINIC Director

The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa. AFRINIC has been fighting against a series of legal battles waged by some of its Resource Members, for quite some time.

Ish Sookun

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The CEO of AFRINIC, Eddy Kayihura, send an email to the Resource Members today notifying about an Interim Order of the Supreme Court of Mauritius, prohibiting:

  • AFRINIC from acting on Board Resolution bearing reference Resolution 202110.655, given that AFRINIC does not have a Board of Directors in existence as per the law,
  • Eddy Kayihura from acting as ex officio director of AFRINIC, until the Board of AFRINIC is reconstituted by election.

The injunction was issued in the matter of Crystal Web (Pty) Ltd vs AFRINC & Eddy Kayihura.

Currently there are 39 court cases involving AFRINIC.


I had a chat with folks within the AFRINIC Fellows Group and I should post a clarification that the Interim Order does not explicitly prohibits the AFRINIC CEO from exercising his duties as director in day-to-day AFRINIC operations. The order prevents the CEO from representing the AFRINIC Board in the legal cases in court.

If someone from a legal background has a different interpretation of this order, please let me know via Twitter.