After spending years in Linux Systems Administration I had to pick up some web development projects at my workplace. I had some basic knowledge in web development, knew some Python and PHP, so before I delve further into those projects and thinking about continuing or refactoring, I did some search about web frameworks and libraries.

In my opinion, when choosing an open source software for a project, the decision should not be based on popularity or ease-of-use only. I read a lot about the community behind and the people.

In the quest of finding the right tools for me to pick up the development challenge, I experimented with Flask, Django, Symfony and Laravel. I sticked with Laravel for the lovely community behind the project and also the way they interact with other open source communities.

This page contains the bits and pieces of Laravel knowledge that became my daily driver. I use this space as a point of reference whenever I am working on a web project and I'll be more than happy if this page proves useful to someone else too. 😊


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