MSCC Videos from the Virtual Developers Conference 2020 are up on YouTube

The Virtual Developers Conference 2020 produced about 100 hours of recording including the breaks and technical glitches. Now, you can watch the individual sessions on YouTube.


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The impact of COVID-19 caused last year's Developers Conference to be converted into a virtual event. It was a successful event, albeit with some technical hiccups on the first day, from which we drew lessons.

After carefully editing the long hours of recorded sessions from the conference, the organizers have uploaded the individual sessions on YouTube under the channel of the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community.

In this blog post, I try to curate the sessions by category.

Cloud Computing

Cloud for the Indian Ocean
Automating your Cloud: What are the Building Blocks?
What is DevSecOps and Why it's Important to Adapt it Nowadays?
Scaling StartUps through Liquid Telecom Infrastructure
Resiliency and Availability Design Patterns for the Cloud
Cloud Connectivity
Taking Mauritius to the Cloud
Your JavaScript App in the Cloud
A Multi-tenant Application with a Serverless Solution

DevOps & Security

From Dev to DevSec: How Developers are the new Security Rockstars?
DevOps: From Code to Deploy
Using Azure DevOps for your Mobile Release
Help your Application Scale with Azure
Anatomy of a Ransomware
Modern Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi
CI/CD avec GitLab pour vos projets Drupal ou Symfony
Unomia: Customizable Security Governance of your AWS Account
The Accidental Data Lake

Container Technologies

Modernizing your Application with Containers
Minimum Downtime Stateful App Deployment with Kubernetes on GCP
Kubernetes - Introduction through openSUSE MicroOS & Kubic

Front-end Development

Vue 3.0 / Accessibility / Front-End EcoSystem
Web Components - Ready to use today
The Winner Mix Cloud, Lambdas and Micro FrontEnds for an Architecture Smoothie
Build better websites with Eleventy
It's too big!!!
Angular Reactive Forms
WebAssembly, the Game Changer
Static Generated Sites === Great Performance. What are you waiting for?
Let's build a PWA with Angular
The Zen of Getting Nuxt in your (JAM)Stack
Building Modern Web UIs using Tailwind CSS
10 Things I hate(d) about moving to an SPA
PWA: Beyond the Service Worker

Back-end Web Development

Swoft - PHP Microservice Framework
Golang in the clouds

Mobile Application Development

State of Xamarin in 2020
Building Real-time Mobile Apps using Firebase and Flutter
Mobile Optimization using Google Analytics

Game Development

Let's make a video game live!

Software Testing

Flexible Selenium Automation Testing
Diagnosing Performance Problems with Lighthouse


The Art of Bug Fixing
Event-Sourcing Principles with Rust
Debugging tips and tricks with Visual Studio
Design Patterns for Modern Software
Golang: From Zero to Hero

Digital Transformation

Taking MCB to New Agile Heights
IT Project Delivery and Organization in a Context of M&A and Business Growth
Kickstarting with Scrum, an agile way of working
Process Automation Re-invented for the Digital Enterprise

Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

Show DevCon: GroundTap - A different Way to Access, See and Think about Data
How RPA + AI solving business challenge?
Visual Recognition using Azure Cognitive Services
In the Name of Google DiaglogFlow
Mood Analyzer
Natural Language Processing and Machine Leaning with Apache
Elasticsearch for search... and more
Mood Recognition with Machine Learning
Open Data Initiatives for Mauritius


The State of NoSQL in 2020
Auditing Performance Issue on MS SQL DB
Databases on Kubernetes
Understanding Event-sourcing as a storage choice

System Administration

Btrfs, the preferred file system for openSUSE & Fedora
Organize your Online Meetings with Jitsi Meet
Self-hosted Private Cloud
Open Source PBX Solution


Blockchain Governance


How well do we know our bots? The Need for Personality in a Technical World

Makers, Geeks & Nerds

So you wanna build a lightsaber?
Monitor elderly people using the ESP32 micro-controller
Build and Program an Interactive Robot
Create your first Printed Circuit Board using KiCAD

Personal Growth

Confirm your knowledge with a Certification
Being an Unconventional Geek CEO
Teach Your Kids to Code!
How to Ace your Developer Job Interview?
Empowering Women Post COVID-19
The Robots are Coming for Our Jobs! The skills developers need to be forever
The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Millenials


Microsoft Azure / Google Cloud Platform
Women in Tech
MSCC's Code & Coffee
Self Employment as a Techie
Students in Tech
Linux Distributions