Will the government release data collected about the oil spill?

Ish Sookun

I was watching the press conference of the Prime Minister, P. K. Jugnauth, today when I heard him saying that the Ministry of Health has conducted several air quality tests in regions affected by the oil spill; and that for now no health risks are to be reported.

Upon hearing this, however, something else cropped up in my mind, about how valuable such data, about the degradation of air quality & pollution, could be to fellow Mauritians studying the aftermath of the Wakashio oil spill.

Therefore, I sent an email to the CTO of the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, to see whether the latter can liaise with the Ministry of Health and get the collected data uploaded on the Open Data Portal. Such data would be extremely helpful to people analyzing the post-Wakashio oil spill damages. Otherwise, the Open Data Initiative would simply be a public show!

Now, I keep fingers crossed for a positive reply. 🤞

If you are wondering about the Open Data Initiative, let's rewind a few years back. 😉

I'll update this post when (if) I get a response.