AFRINIC Sylvio Almada Cabral appointed as AFRINIC Board director

AFRINIC is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa. AFRINIC Board consists of nine members, six of whom are elected to represent sub-regions, two are from independent regions and one seat is occupied by the CEO.

Ish Sookun

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Last year, when AFRINIC was in the spotlight following its bank accounts being frozen due to a litigation, one of its board directors, Mark Elkins, resigned. Mark had been recently elected to occupy Seat 5 on the board. He served the board for barely a month or so but resigned expressing disagreement with what was happening at that time.

Seat 5 remained vacant since.

Today, in a email on the AFRINIC announcement list, the AFRINIC Board Chairman, S. Moonesamy, informed its members and the community that Sylvio Almada Cabral has been appointed as director with effect from 27 December 2021 until the next AGMM which is planned to be held in June 2022.