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Posted Ish Sookun on on openSUSE, Linux
The openSUSE Board Election is scheduled for the 15th till 30th of December 2021. The candidate slate has been finalised and posted on the project's mailing list this morning.
Posted Ish Sookun on on MSCC, Mauritius, Linux
DevCon 2021 is happening. Save the dates; 18, 19 & 20 March 2021. After having to resort to a virtual conference this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the DevCon 2021 physical conference will be a much awaited event on the island.
Posted Ish Sookun on on openSUSE, Linux
The openSUSE Regular Board Election has been announced for the 15th of December 2020. Results will be published on the new year's eve, i.e 31st December. Call for nominations and applications for the openSUSE Board candidacy is now open.
Posted Ish Sookun on on MSCC, Linux
The GDG Mauritius and the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community (MSCC) are bringing the DevFest 2020 this November. The previous DevFests have been successful and no doubt this year's event will be great too, despite the challenges brought by the pandemic.
Posted Ish Sookun on on openSUSE, Linux
A year after an announcement that Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux, now Edge is available through DEB and RPM packages for major Linux distributions. These packages can be downloaded from the Microsoft Edge Insider website.
Posted Ish Sookun on on Mauritius, openSUSE, Linux
The virtual Hackertoberfest event happened last night. Folks from the local tech community joined in to celebrate open source software. I joined them too and spoke about Flatpak on openSUSE.
Posted Ish Sookun on on openSUSE, Conference, Linux, LibreOffice
oSLO 2020 kicked-off on Thursday 15 October at 10h00 UTC with an opening address by The Document Foundation's Chairman, Lothar Becker. The conference was due to happen in Nuremberg, Germany, but due to the pandemic plans were changed and event went fully online
Posted Ish Sookun on on openSUSE, Linux
The openSUSE Ad-hoc Board Election is now concluded. Stasiek Michalski has been elected to join the openSUSE Board. The complete result is as follows
Posted Ish Sookun on on openSUSE, Linux
Starting now and until the 2nd of August openSUSE members wishing to run for this election or nominate someone from the community can do so by sending an email to
Posted Ish Sookun on on openSUSE, Linux, Containers
Today, while pulling the latest Nextcloud container image from the repository I noticed that it is failing. Looking at the read: connection reset by peer error I assume it could be primarily due to network failure; maybe poor quality of the connection
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